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Oct. 14th, slacking
If there's one stupid thing I've noticed, after nearly a month of working out at the gym, it's that you can't make "big dick" jokes. See, with everyone taking showers together, it's all out there. No secrets. So any dick jokes you make are bound to make a number of the guys feel bad. I know, it's a stupid thing to mention, but it's one of those things only I notice and it's really bothering me :).

Welcome to the second edition of "funny movies". This is the long awaited sequel to the post made in September 20th which was met with worldwide success and has made me wealthy as well as famous (I love living in my little imaginary world, it's so peaceful here).

  • Fat bitch eats dust. Praise gravity!

  • Look at those tits go!

  • You need a healthy imagination for this one.

  • Kids, go try this at home *RIGHT NOW*

    And my favourite of the bunch,
    The Matrix Cow

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