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Aug. 17th, sea

I've just returned from what can only be described as my best vacation yet, largely because my companion on this trip was someone I care deeply for. She put the magic in the week spent on that island.

Surprisingly, I've gained no weight inspite of eating excessively in the island's vast assortment of understaffed restaurants, and I've also had my first tan in nearly five years, if not longer.

While staying there I've developed something of a fascination for a motorcycle called Piaggio "Vespa", which I intend to aquire as soon as possible (= finances allow for it). All in all, it was time (and money) well spent.
For bothering to click "View" you shall be rewarded with a less than flattering picture of me sound asleep on a train station in Rijeka, where I waited a full 6 hours for our train to arrive. I suppose sleeping is as good a way as any to pass the time (especially when your mobile phone's batteries have run dry and you can't play games on it anymore).

Comment |13-9-2004 | views 778
i don't like this picture

Well I think it's beautiful *The one on top

ta slika je pa ful lepa =)