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Sep. 13th, Rain

Thanks to some remarkably self-centered people I associate with, I got to walk home from work in the pouring rain last night. It was not something I could avoid, either, as this decision has been forced upon me while I was hard at work, helpless, and by people who only have any regard for other's when it's not terribly inconvenient for them.

You know who you are.
This very same person caused me even more trouble this morning, when I had to scramble to obtain a means of getting to where I was going, an attempt which failed miserably. It's not that I can't form a working schedule, oh no, my timetable looked perfectly suited to my situation from just a few days ago, in a time when I was confident that people you trust cannot possibly screw you over so fucking badly.

That's a hell of a lesson learned right there.
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