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Oct. 9th, Bowling for iztok

Today goes down in history as the day which holds my personal record in this "sport" of the underdeveloped. You see, I bowled a 174 and the reason today is such a historic event is that I am probably never coming close to that score again. This is an obvious conclusion because even though the 174 is absolutely amazing for me, it didn't even beat my kid sister's highscore.

Why yes, I am man enough to admit that. Read on.
I'm not a very big fan of any sport which involves people looking at my butt, which is the most prominent part of your anatomy when you're doing your thing on the alley. But I endure it partly because my score is consistently higher than of those in alleys around me, and partly because my wife-beater shirt reveals means of bowling ball propulsion the other 6 mph throwing weaklings can only dream to achieve. Well most of the time.
Comment |9-10-2004 | views 779