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Nov. 13th, Bartender

Here's something to piss off those feminists who are without an ounce of appreciation for humour.

So basically, all feminists.

Those of you able to see things for what they are will enjoy the geniuenly funny, although admittedly erotic situations you can get the Virtual Bartender into.

Besides the obviously perverted commands you'll try to get her to follow, I suggest "change", for an interesting twist, and "fight" for a shameless attempt at exciting the geeky freaks among us.

Feel free to experiment on your own and let me know if you find any other interesting things to do with her.
Comment |13-11-2004 | views 962
ta blonša me spominja na eno prasico, k jo je sicer u vecjih kolicinah in drugacnih barvah. drugac je pa takle post u, fant v razmerju proti punci, situaciji tud zlo fajn zadeva. lahko punca clo ljubosumna rata. ma ne ga srt?!