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22. Nov, Makeover

If I had ever been deciding on a sex change operation, I would surely abandon all doubts after seeing this precognition by Urska. If I actually went through with something like this it's pretty obvious I wouldn't be able to fool anyone. I'd be getting a refund on the procedure by the time they handed me a mirror.

I'd keep the hair, though.

This is probably not the most appropriate time to mention this (which is why I'm going to anyway), but I thought I'd share my amateur bodybuiding progress with you. I was optimistic enough to take measurements of various parts of my body 11 months ago, thinking I'd notice a difference in a year or so. Well I decided not to wait a full year, being insanely impatient and all, so here are the results.

My weight has gone from 86kg to 96kg, which is an 11% increase. That'd be fine if it were just muscle mass, but no such luck. Still, I'm told I've progressed nicely so here are some more numbers: my upper arm has grown from 34 cm in diameter to 39cm, (14%), my chest from 94cm to 101cm (7%), my thigh from 60cm to 66cm (10%). My forearm has grown 11% and my neck brings up the rear at 5%.

On average that's almost a 10% growth overall, which either means I'm getting really fat, or buff. In reality it's neither, because at my height of almost 2m changes like this aren't as noticable. Perhaps someday...
Crap, I guess I wrote everything I planned to already, so there's nothing left for those who clicked on "View". Now there was a second wasted, huh.
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