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Dec. 14th, Worst night of my life
I am having the absolute worst night of my life in the history of Worst Nights of Somebody's Life. I came down with a high fever yesterday and managed to knock it down a few notches with excessive sweating. I was almost OK come bedtime.

But then... For the past 5 hours I was absolutely sure I was going insane. It was the worst feeling, let me tell you, and I'm being dead serious. Instead of the usual uninterpretable halucionations, which can be kind of fun, my brain was stuck in a feedback loop of crunching numbers.

The numbers were five figured and the process involved placing the number in a particular order. The thing was, just thinking of that number spawned a bunch of other numbers, which would make my head hurt until I had done away with them. But they never stopped...

I'm putting this down to the excessive coding I've done in the past month (well, the high fever probably had something to do with it as well). I'm sure I haven't conveyed my true feelings well enough, but let me assure you, you don't ever want to fully understand... It was insanity.
I could hear myself crying out during this state, not being fully awake, but not sleeping either. I was completely unable to break the cycle, but then somebody in the house started making a ruckus and snapped me out of it.
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