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Dec. 20th, LANparty
Me and a couple of guys have been talking about doing this since before summer, and finally we got around to synchronising our schedules and actually do it. Basically, what we did was, we took our computers to this big house in the middle of nowhere and we played games for two days straight. Unlike this other party I went to a week earlier, this one had no drinking or loud popular music, but it was just as exhausting.

I won at pretty much anything they threw at me, but even when I didn't it was fun. There's just something about wasting the guy sitting next to you with a flak gun that does it for us nerds. It was fun.
The exhausting part was setting it all up, since it turned out that I was the only one with any clue as to how things work out there. This one guy didn't even know what the power cable was for, and just as my luck would dictate, he was the one asking the most stupid questions and expected me to answer every single one. I ended up being an asshole to him, but I guess that was just an added bonus, since I love being that way.
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