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Dec. 28th, Nemesis

I just got around to watching *every* Star Trek movie ever made. Which is not a lot (10, to be exact), especially considering most are basically just your regular Star Trek episodes streched over two hours. All except one.

Nemesis is the latest and greatest Star Trek movie, the emphasis on the movie part. While it's prequels (and indeed, the entire franchise) focused heavily on sociological and phylosophical questions, which is all well and good, this one is just a great movie.

They do all the stuff they never dared before, like huge starships ramming into one another, and in this one scene, Data *JUMPS* from one half-destroyed ship to another, which was just such an awesome thing for him to do (he is superhuman, afterall, and this was his first real show of his abillities).

It's a real shame more movies aren't being made, they just got it right with this one and they quit production plans.
Yes, I'm an ST nerd, shut the fuck up, I can still pound you into the ground at will.
Comment |29-12-2004 | views 644