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Jan 29th, Carwash
Here's something unique about me. Today, I started the day by freezing my behind (and quite a behind it is) off at the bus stop, waiting for, well, the bus. This bus then proceeded to take me to yet another bus stop, where I continued to freeze my behind off until another bus came along and took me to a completely different location, which facilitated further freezing of my behind. Off.

After a while of freezing, I took the car, had it washed, returned it and then decided to find the nearest bus stop and resume from where I left off. Freezing my behind off, of course. After another session of this activity at a completely different bus stop, I returned home.

I'll bet you I am the only person in the history of the world who can stake a claim to this story.
Comment |2005-01-29 | views 1380