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Feb. 19th, ownage

pwnage (click here)

Today marks the day of my first true ownage in CS:S. Sure, there have been other instances when I did really well, but today I went 20:5 on a 40 man server (with one round AFK, but I know that's no excuse so nevermind). Pure ownage? Well yeah, for a player who wastes no more than 15-30 mins a day with this thing, as oppposed to people who've been at it since 1999, I'm pretty impressed with myself.

Nevermind the nickname, though, if you're not a CS:S player (or at least fluent in gaming jargon). To the untrained eye it might seem homoerotic, but in reality it serves to sting those who get owned by me even further by proclaiming that I am actually new to the game.
Comment |19-2-2005 | views 1564