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Feb. 20th, Anastacia

My girlfriend (Urıka) treated me to a concert yesterday. It was Anastacia, so my expectations were suitably low, although that turned out to be unjustified, because she put on one hell of a show. You could tell it was her first tour, because she looked like she was enjoying herself and didn't make it seem like hard work.

I almost didn't make it to the concert, because I came down with something rather nasty, but I couldn't get a hold of Anastacia in time to reschedule, so I packed some serious handkerchief firepower and went anyway. I guess she owes me one.

Oh, and respect to whomever had to clean up under my seat afterwards, I imagine that took some courage.
One gripe, though: she missed the mark completely with that minute long "Jesus loves you" speech, but then, she had cancer so I guess I'll let that one slide.
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