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Mar. 20th, Perseverance

I've just spent two hours pedaling the ignition on the Piaggio NRG2. It took more out of me than a week's worth of weight lifting at the gym, but it payed off. Nearing success (but not yet realizing it), I remember thinking how insane what I was doing was, and that nobody at their right mind would keep at it for more than 10 minutes, nevermind two whole hours. Luckily, I'm a very stubborn man and in that last fit of rage I had while hammering at the ignition, the damned thing started. Overjoyed, I proceeded to annoy the entire neighbourhood by driving at max speed on a VERY loud motorbike, not ten meters away from their dinner tables.

On a side note, it appears I'm in the top 14% CS:S players on, which came as a surprise to me. I generally suck pretty bad at Counter-Strike: Source, so this must mean there's people who are absolutely awful at it, yet they keep playing. Some people...

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