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Apr. 23rd, fy_farcry

I released one of my CS:S maps today, which was a big pain to do. Making it was easy, a couple of hours tops, but getting it ready for release... Nightmare, won't be doing that again.

Anyway, you can get them here: fy/aim_farcry.
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Mar. 20th, Perseverance

I've just spent two hours pedaling the ignition on the Piaggio NRG2. It took more out of me than a week's worth of weight lifting at the gym, but it payed off. Nearing success (but not yet realizing it), I remember thinking how insane what I was doing was, and that nobody at their right mind would keep at it for more than 10 minutes, nevermind two whole hours. Luckily, I'm a very stubborn man and in that last fit of rage I had while hammering at the ignition, the damned thing started. Overjoyed, I proceeded to annoy the entire neighbourhood by driving at max speed on a VERY loud motorbike, not ten meters away from their dinner tables.

On a side note, it appears I'm in the top 14% CS:S players on, which came as a surprise to me. I generally suck pretty bad at Counter-Strike: Source, so this must mean there's people who are absolutely awful at it, yet they keep playing. Some people...

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Feb. 20th, Anastacia

My girlfriend (Urıka) treated me to a concert yesterday. It was Anastacia, so my expectations were suitably low, although that turned out to be unjustified, because she put on one hell of a show. You could tell it was her first tour, because she looked like she was enjoying herself and didn't make it seem like hard work.

I almost didn't make it to the concert, because I came down with something rather nasty, but I couldn't get a hold of Anastacia in time to reschedule, so I packed some serious handkerchief firepower and went anyway. I guess she owes me one.

Oh, and respect to whomever had to clean up under my seat afterwards, I imagine that took some courage.
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Feb. 19th, ownage

pwnage (click here)

Today marks the day of my first true ownage in CS:S. Sure, there have been other instances when I did really well, but today I went 20:5 on a 40 man server (with one round AFK, but I know that's no excuse so nevermind). Pure ownage? Well yeah, for a player who wastes no more than 15-30 mins a day with this thing, as oppposed to people who've been at it since 1999, I'm pretty impressed with myself.

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Jan 29th, Carwash
Here's something unique about me. Today, I started the day by freezing my behind (and quite a behind it is) off at the bus stop, waiting for, well, the bus. This bus then proceeded to take me to yet another bus stop, where I continued to freeze my behind off until another bus came along and took me to a completely different location, which facilitated further freezing of my behind. Off.

After a while of freezing, I took the car, had it washed, returned it and then decided to find the nearest bus stop and resume from where I left off. Freezing my behind off, of course. After another session of this activity at a completely different bus stop, I returned home.

I'll bet you I am the only person in the history of the world who can stake a claim to this story.
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Jan. 10th, Old Man
I have travelled forward in time, met my older self, took a picture of him and returned with photographic evidence that I remain beautiful even at the age of 70+.

I'm sure you'll all agree.
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Dec. 28th, Nemesis

I just got around to watching *every* Star Trek movie ever made. Which is not a lot (10, to be exact), especially considering most are basically just your regular Star Trek episodes streched over two hours. All except one.

Nemesis is the latest and greatest Star Trek movie, the emphasis on the movie part. While it's prequels (and indeed, the entire franchise) focused heavily on sociological and phylosophical questions, which is all well and good, this one is just a great movie.

They do all the stuff they never dared before, like huge starships ramming into one another, and in this one scene, Data *JUMPS* from one half-destroyed ship to another, which was just such an awesome thing for him to do (he is superhuman, afterall, and this was his first real show of his abillities).

It's a real shame more movies aren't being made, they just got it right with this one and they quit production plans.
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Dec. 20th, LANparty
Me and a couple of guys have been talking about doing this since before summer, and finally we got around to synchronising our schedules and actually do it. Basically, what we did was, we took our computers to this big house in the middle of nowhere and we played games for two days straight. Unlike this other party I went to a week earlier, this one had no drinking or loud popular music, but it was just as exhausting.

I won at pretty much anything they threw at me, but even when I didn't it was fun. There's just something about wasting the guy sitting next to you with a flak gun that does it for us nerds. It was fun.
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Dec. 14th, Worst night of my life
I am having the absolute worst night of my life in the history of Worst Nights of Somebody's Life. I came down with a high fever yesterday and managed to knock it down a few notches with excessive sweating. I was almost OK come bedtime.

But then... For the past 5 hours I was absolutely sure I was going insane. It was the worst feeling, let me tell you, and I'm being dead serious. Instead of the usual uninterpretable halucionations, which can be kind of fun, my brain was stuck in a feedback loop of crunching numbers.

The numbers were five figured and the process involved placing the number in a particular order. The thing was, just thinking of that number spawned a bunch of other numbers, which would make my head hurt until I had done away with them. But they never stopped...

I'm putting this down to the excessive coding I've done in the past month (well, the high fever probably had something to do with it as well). I'm sure I haven't conveyed my true feelings well enough, but let me assure you, you don't ever want to fully understand... It was insanity.
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Dec. 12th, Coolest GIF Ever

I was just browsing some websites looking for certain news, when I came across this fantastic gif animation. It looked like garbage at fist glance, I mean how many stick figure animations have you seen in your lifetime, but something grabbed me and made me look at it long enough to realise it was special.

It probably won't mean much to you if you don't have an affinity for the image staring at you from the top of this page. See if I care. It's a pretty basic joke presented in such an over-the-top fashion. It's a thing of beauty. Even if it is ugly as hell.
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