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Dec. 7th, New ideas
A funny thing happened the other day. I was looking around my server logs and noticed an insane amount of requests for a file that doesn't exist on my server anymore. It occured to me, that restoring that file might bring more traffic. And seeing how I love to play with traffic statistics, the new wallpaper section was inevitable (menu in your left, or top). Initial results are staggering and my traffic analysis tools have much to process. The banners are getting an exercise out of it as well ;).

On the subject of generating traffic, I've got another idea that'll gradually become a reality in the course of the coming months. It's a project for Jezdec.Org and it's concept lies heavily on user interaction. In other words, it's the kind of thing that keeps a user coming back for more. I've done some research on similair projects (,, and have achieved a basic grasp of what makes them tick. I won't be targeting the user's vanity, however. I hope to make a play at more positive emotions than that.
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22. Nov, Makeover

If I had ever been deciding on a sex change operation, I would surely abandon all doubts after seeing this precognition by Urska. If I actually went through with something like this it's pretty obvious I wouldn't be able to fool anyone. I'd be getting a refund on the procedure by the time they handed me a mirror.

I'd keep the hair, though.

This is probably not the most appropriate time to mention this (which is why I'm going to anyway), but I thought I'd share my amateur bodybuiding progress with you. I was optimistic enough to take measurements of various parts of my body 11 months ago, thinking I'd notice a difference in a year or so. Well I decided not to wait a full year, being insanely impatient and all, so here are the results.

My weight has gone from 86kg to 96kg, which is an 11% increase. That'd be fine if it were just muscle mass, but no such luck. Still, I'm told I've progressed nicely so here are some more numbers: my upper arm has grown from 34 cm in diameter to 39cm, (14%), my chest from 94cm to 101cm (7%), my thigh from 60cm to 66cm (10%). My forearm has grown 11% and my neck brings up the rear at 5%.

On average that's almost a 10% growth overall, which either means I'm getting really fat, or buff. In reality it's neither, because at my height of almost 2m changes like this aren't as noticable. Perhaps someday...
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Nov. 14th, Superiztok
Welcome to the adventures of SuperIztok, saviour of mankind (and kittens). His feats of strength will amaze you and his speed leave you breathless. Watch our hero do battle against his arch rival...

Find out who that is by clicking View bellow.
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Nov. 13th, Bartender

Here's something to piss off those feminists who are without an ounce of appreciation for humour.

So basically, all feminists.

Those of you able to see things for what they are will enjoy the geniuenly funny, although admittedly erotic situations you can get the Virtual Bartender into.

Besides the obviously perverted commands you'll try to get her to follow, I suggest "change", for an interesting twist, and "fight" for a shameless attempt at exciting the geeky freaks among us.

Feel free to experiment on your own and let me know if you find any other interesting things to do with her.
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Oct. 31st, dubya tee eff!?
Now here's something that makes you go WTF for the duration of the experience. This is probably the most amazing thing I've seen in a while (and tah intarweb holds some seriously screwed up shit). I don't know what the purpose of this activity is but whatever it's all about, this girl is the authority - on stacking cups into little pyramids, and back. Little pyramids, people. Out of cups.

Cupgirl, state champion (WTF!!)
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Oct. 22th, Crash&Burn
Click on the view link below. It's worth it :)
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Oct. 16th, Jon Stewart

Jon Stewart

Jon Stewart is a comedian who does a show called the Daily Show on Comedy Central. I don't particularly care for Jon Stewart, or his comedy, which I find kind of bland, but he struck gold with me tonight by making an overly confident dickhead, who just cares too much about appearances, nearly shake his bowtie off in a fit of poorly disguised rage.

A word of friendly advice: when your integrity is being questioned, do not attempt to laugh it off. You'll end up like this guy:

Jon Stewart owns Crossfire (click the 200k link to view video).
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Oct. 13th, Sunshine

I declare this day dedicated to my very own sunshine, who shines brightest and strongest just for me. Her rays of affection feel warm and I like nothing more than to stand in their path. You are my sunshine..

Below is a very special song, which instantly reminds me of my love whenever I hear it, and it just so happens that I heard it again today in a very interesting rendition (interesting to me, at least). A duet by The Doctor and Seven of Nine (terciary adjunct of unimatrix zero one... *if you know what this means, youl'll find it interesting as well).

Seven of Nine and The Doctor - You are my Sunshine
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Oct. 9th, Bowling for iztok

Today goes down in history as the day which holds my personal record in this "sport" of the underdeveloped. You see, I bowled a 174 and the reason today is such a historic event is that I am probably never coming close to that score again. This is an obvious conclusion because even though the 174 is absolutely amazing for me, it didn't even beat my kid sister's highscore.

Why yes, I am man enough to admit that. Read on.
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Sep. 13th, Rain

Thanks to some remarkably self-centered people I associate with, I got to walk home from work in the pouring rain last night. It was not something I could avoid, either, as this decision has been forced upon me while I was hard at work, helpless, and by people who only have any regard for other's when it's not terribly inconvenient for them.

You know who you are.
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